App Advice: Best method to drip feed from MMF to Global Equities


I have two portfolios: one with a Money Market Fund (CSH2) and the other with 100% Global Equities (LGGG).

I had intended to drip feed a fixed amount each month from CSH2 to LGGG. But what’s the best method?

At the moment it is quite time consuming, and I have to wait for the whole trade to settle before I can move the cash between portfolios and then reinvest. Is there a simpler way of doing it?

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Unfortunately, at the moment there is no other way, but to sell one ETF and invest the cash balance into another ETF once the trade has settled.
Thank you, however, for the suggestion. Please be assured that it has been forwarded to the relevant team to look into the possibilities of adding a new feature that would allow to drip feed your ETF from another fund.

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Can you merge both ETFs into 1 portfolio? Assuming they are both in a GIA or ISA?

I have CSH2 in the same portfolio as my other ETFS - when I sell down some of CSH2 95% is made available immediately so I can deploy the money elsewhere right away.


It is frustrating that you can’t move cash between portfolios until the relevant trades have settled. As a result I have duplicated funds in different portfolios, so I can purchase when I want. Not ideal.

What has worked better is having a duplicated pot of my preferred MMF in each portfolio. This very much weakens the whole point of having portfolios.

As a result I have created a spreadsheet containing my fund balances, prices etc. so that I can dice and slice as I want. If cash can’t be transferred between portfolios until the relevant trades settle, I’d prefer to merge everything back into one portfolio.