Moving funds to another portfolio within IE

Hello All
In my DIY portfolio I have several funds
the 2 with the largest allocations were bought at a time when
the prices were a lot higher and have not come back in the intervening period.

The rest of them are doing quite well due to me knowing a bit more about what i am doing now as compared as to then.

My question is can i create a new DIY portfolio and move the 2 troublesome funds into it and then set up a drip feed to auto invest in them and leave me to DCA the rest of them.


My understanding is no, you can’t move investments from one portfolio to another. You would have to sell, move the money to the new portfolio, and re-buy, exposing you to the spread.

I’m pretty new to the whole DCA thing - aren’t funds that have experienced a big drop exactly the sort you should be cost averaging? Buy them now while they’re cheap to get your average purchase price down?

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Hi @woodside , @TBrailles is correct. Currently you are only able to move funds as cash across portfolios. We do hope to introduce in-specie transfers for internal transfers but we can not give any timeframes for that.

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