Bad English in ETF Descriptions


This should be something pretty easy to fix, so hopefully it can be sorted quickly.

Its not a big deal, but some of the ETFs have bad English in their descriptions. For example:

“This ETF tracks the S&P 500 (GBP Hedged) index tracks the largest US stocks.”

“This ETF tracks the FTSE UK Dividend+ index tracks the highest yielding UK stocks.”

I have noticed a few others that have the same mistake as well. Maybe I am being stupid, but surely it should read as: “…tracks the index, WHICH tracks the…”.

I know it is not a big deal, but I am sure the InvestEngine team will want to fix this.

I have had another look through the ETF range and there are countless that have the same mistake.

Thanks for flagging @Tom_Whitehead - We added some of these ETFs in a big batch and I think some of the descriptions were done quite quickly. I’m going to line up a review to go through and get these updated over the next couple of weeks.

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Thank you for addressing. Just nitpicking really. Glad to hear it will be reviewed soon :blush: