Best Way to Change Same Index Tracker to Different Provider?

Hi All, a few weeks ago the “Lyxor EURO STOXX 50” (MSED) was migrated to “Amundi Euro STOXX 50” (ticker unchanged); with the TER increasing from 0.7% to 0.15%.

I monitor all my funds/pensions etc (across different platforms) using “” portfolio Watchlists. Unfortunately MSED is no longer available to add to the watchlist. I contacted a few times but there responses have been just generic rubbish.

So what I’d like to do is swap my “Amundi Euro STOXX 50” for “iShares Core Euro STOXX 50” which has a lower TER (0.1%) and is also watchable on

If I buy/Sell with a same day transaction, given they both track the same index. What losses might I incur (Bid-ask spread etc)?

Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated.

MSED on last updated 25/09
MSED Share Price | Lyxor Euro Stoxx 50 DR C ETF - UK


Hi @fitz I haven’t done it myself but somethings to also consider are;
• ETFs trade throughout the day so there might be a difference brought around by the execution times,
• You have no control over trading times on IE because they do it for you,
• ETFs ‘track’ the index. It’s not an exact match and each ETF will have a continuous tracking error that doesn’t match other ETFs that track the same index

Thanks Carl,
I know that IE hold back 5% of a same day buy/sell, but like you said I don’t know the order of the trades.
I’m not sure if tracking errors are 10th of percents or a few percent. If my loses where 0.1% I could live with that.

That’s a decrease in TER, not an increase.

Only took 2 days to spot my deliberate mistake :wink: should read 0.07%