Business account tax experience

I help a couple of family friends informally with their finances.

One family have money sitting in a ltd company account, and I thought the investengine business account would be a good option for them.

The main apprehension they have is how comfortable their current accountant might be with tax treatment of Irish or lux domiciled ETFs ,

Based on the experience of people who have opened business accounts at other brokers (eg interactive brokers), it seems like it has been difficult the pull out the necessary information for their accountant (especially if some accounts are accumulating rather than distributing). In some cases it seems accountants have refused to do the work, or charged a lot more for it.

I’d be very keen to hear experiences from those who already have a business account with investengine.

How helpful are the consolidated tax certificates that investengine produces? Have you needed to produce your own custom reports in order to get your accountant to calculate tax?

Has it been a smooth experience with your accountants? Or have you needed to change accountants in order to find someone who is comfortable calculating tax correctly?

Thank you in advance.