Trying to transfer ISA to ii

I asked ii to transfer my ISA from InvestEngine around the middle of December. They have contacted InvestEngine three times now (twice via email) with no response. IE support say that they have received no communications from ii.

I find this difficult to believe and am concerned that IE are trying to hold up the process. I’d be grateful if this could be looked into, please.

@MikeZ - I’ll have a chat with support to double check but I can’t see and transfer out request matching your description. We do need ii to a receive a request from ii before starting any transfer.

All I can suggested is confirming ii have our correct email address ( . You can ask for a copy of there transfer requests from them.

We don’t yet accept electronic/TeX ISA transfers, so if they its been sent “electronically” I would question this- We need to receive it via email (or post).

Thanks Tom - I shall pass this information on to ii.

My wife and I recently transferred our ISAs from Interactive Investor to InvestEngine and experienced poor service from Interactive Investor.
We both had to prompt Interactive Investor to get things moving which I’m pleased to say they eventually did and the transfers are complete.
Maybe you might check as to whether your ISA needs to be a cash transfer to be accepted by Interactive Investor?

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It’s all good now - InvestEngine have confirmed receipt of the transfer request and the transfer is underway.