Cash elements of portfolios

Stupid question alert, but what purpose do the cash counterparts that come with the SIPP and ISA serve - the “personal pension cash” and “stocks and share ISA cash”?

And is this where the SIPP fee is paid from, or is it from the cash section inside the SIPP (next to the Autoinvest button)?

The help section has been useful but could some kind soul clarify the above just so I don’t get a friendly email saying I owe fees :astonished:


Account cash is just a separate Cash wallet within your GIA and ISA so you can hold cash before investing.

We don’t charge any fees for cash acocunts’ maitenance, I can confirm that

Will InvestEngine consider offering to pay interest on cash held on the platform like Trading212 currently does? Having access to multiple ISAs this tax year makes it difficult to justify having any cash held on IE now…

Mike, I was referring to the SIPP fees. Just wanted to know where this fee is taken from:

From here

Or from here

Hi! Please note, that the fee will be taken from the cash account within your SIPP and appear on your transactions.