CCLA Better World Global Equity Fund

Is there any chance that CCLA’s Better World Global Equity Funds could be added as an option on InvestEngine?

Specifically I’m interested in their Better World Global Equity Fund Class C GBP Accumulation, in order to hopefully also make a positive difference in the world through my investments. This is something CCLA specialise in, and they’re the largest charity fund manager in the UK.

ESG has been integral to their strategy since starting over 50 years ago, and their Better World range of funds is for investors who want to harness the power of investment markets to have a positive influence on society and the planet. They want to deliver positive change and push for progress to meet the world’s sustainability challenges.

I’m convinced that ethical and more serious ESG funds are an area with growing demand as younger generations come to investing, as well as others who are concerned about the impact their investments are having on the planet.

Hi, I’d say the problem with CCLA funds will be that they are OEIC Funds, not ETFs.
InvestEngine only carries ETFs, which are different class of fund. You would be looking for a basic policy change from IE.

The CCLA funds look like they invest in companies with high Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance characteristics. IE does filter for ETFs that invest only in companies with high ESG ratings, if that is the basic objective, see link :-
ESG etfs

Implied question is valid though - are they all serious, or jumping on the bandwagon?