Positive impact

Can you advise me what positive impact funds you offer please?

Hi @LSH79,

We try and indicate these funds with a green leaf Capture and broadly refer to them as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) funds. However, this covers a wide range of topics.

I would suggest it’s always good to read the Key Information Document for each fund, to understand what they’re invested in.

On InvestEngine platform itself;

1) ESG Filters - We have a filter for all the individual funds that have Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in how they’re managed. (This is for our DIY portfolios - look for the green leaf)

2) ESG Managed - We’re very close to launching our ESG managed portfolios.
(Probably the first week or two of the new tax year in April - You heard it here first!)

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Thankyou, I have looked into quite a few esg funds and quite a few invest in oil etc which I’m trying to avoid.

The ESG managed funds look interesting :smiling_face:

Not sure if this is the type of thing you are looking for, but when I looked into this I came across iClima Global Decarbonisation Enablers ( CLMP ) and Rize Environmental Impact ( LVNG ).

Unfortunately, while CLMP has been on Investengine for some time, LVNG has been flagged as ‘coming soon’ for several months, but has yet to be added.

There is quite a lot of useful information on these ETFs on the providers websites:

Both of these focus on companies who aim to make a positive impact, rather than just excluding companies.

There are of course, quite a few clean energy / renewable energy ETFs as well as a clean water etf (GLGG from L&G).

If you look for article 9 ETFs, these tend to be ‘positive impact’ themed. (Article 9 under the Sustainable Disclosure Financial Regulation (SFDR) - products having a sustainable investment objective.)

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Just to add, if you are just looking for a broad global etf that excludes fossil fuels then there is the Amundi Index MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF ( WSRI ) which aims to track the performance of MSCI World SRI Filtered ex Fossil Fuels Index.

You can also search for “socially responsible” “ESG enhanced” or “Paris Aligned” ETFs on Investengine.

See also this list:

Thankyou this is very helpful, I will have A look at these tonight