Commodity ETFs are here!

You asked, we listened!

We’ve just added 16 more commodity ETFs to the InvestEngine DIY platform.

Most of these new additions aim to track a broad index of commodities including energy, agriculture and metals, and are from big-name issuers such as UBS, Lyxor and WisdomTree.

They join the ETFs already on our platform that invest in gold and other precious metals.

Here are the new ETFs, with their stockmarket tickers in brackets…

  • Lyxor Core Commodity CRB Ex-Energy (CRNL)
  • Lyxor Core Commodity CRB (CRBL)
  • Lyxor Bloomberg Eq-weight Commodities ex-Agr (CRAL)
  • iShares Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Swap (ROLG)
  • L&G Longer Dated All Commodities (CMFP)
  • Invesco Bloomberg Commodity (CMOP)
  • Invesco LGIM Commodity Composite (LGCF)
  • UBS ETF CMCI Composite. H. GBP (UC90)
  • UBS ETF CMCI Composite. USD (UC15)
  • Xtrackers Bloomberg Commodity ex-Agr & Livestock (XDBG)
  • UBS Bloomberg Commodity CMCI HD GBP (UD06)
  • UBS Bloomberg Commodity CMCI USD (UD07)
  • Wisdomtree Enhanced Commodity – USD (WCOG)
  • Wisdomtree Enhanced Commodity – GBP Hedged Acc (WCOM)
  • UBS CMCI Ex-Agriculture USD (CXAP)
  • iShares Diversified Commodity Swap-ETF (COMM)

See our full range of 516 ETFs here

And please keep the requests coming for further ETFs you want to see on our platform…


Thank you Elise and Team,

Just what we needed, as commodities are on a long term uptrend. Much appreciated.


Thank you Bill! Watch this space as there will be more to come :slight_smile:


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