Commodities ETFs

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I’m unable to find any commodities etfs in your platform. If there isn’t any, are there plans to include them in the future?

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Hi @clope,
We do already have some commodities ETFs (or ETCs as they’re sometimes called) on the platform, focusing on precious metals (I’ve listed them below).

Can I ask were any specific commodities /funds you were looking for?
Some of the commodity funds focusing on oil or grain etc often rely on forward contracts and aren’t always suitable for long term investing. But we’ll certainly have a look at any funds you’re interested in.



Hi Tom,

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My question was in regards of ETFs like GSG or CMDY (both iShares) in order to boost diversification of portfolios,

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@clope - I spoke with our investment team about these…

They flagged that it’s currently very difficult to track a commodity basket-like S&P GCSI (tracked by GSG) without using derivatives. Most of these commodity ETFs do not take physical delivery (except those Gold and silver ETFs we already have).

Using derivatives/rolling forward contracts makes them problematic for long term investing. It’s one of the main reasons we haven’t added them. Thanks for raising it thought - it’s helpful to understand the demand for these & we’ll continue to look at them as we expand.

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I am new here. I am wondering if there is a timeframe of adding Invesco Physical Silver and WisdomTree Physical Silver ETC? It says “coming” on the list.


Good morning Ketsang,
Let me take a look into this and I’ll report back ASAP.

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Hi there,
I’ve just spoken with the team who looks after adding new ETFs to the platform; we will be reviewing this at the end of July; once we have an update on new ETFs, I’ll post it in the community.
I am looking forward to being able to share the news.
Have a great week, and please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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Thank you for the quick response.