500 ETFs now available on InvestEngine!

We’ve hit the big 500! :tada:
We’ve just added another 87 ETFs to the InvestEngine DIY platform, taking our total range to an impressive 500 ETFs.

Even more commission-free investment choices for your portfolios!

Among the latest additions are clean and not-so-clean energy ETFs, more healthcare and tech, and smaller company funds. From iShares, Invesco, Amundi, Legal & General and others.

Here’s a few of the new bunch, with their stockmarket tickers in brackets…

  • Invesco Global Clean Energy (GCLX)
  • Invesco FTSE All Share ESG Climate (FASE)
  • Invesco Nasdaq Next Generation 100 (EQJS)
  • iShares Global Timber & Forestry (WOOD)
  • iShares Healthcare Innovation (DRDR)
  • iShares Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (SPOG)
  • Rize Education Tech and Digital Learning (LRNG)
  • Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences (FLWG)
  • WisdomTree Battery Solutions (CHRG)

See our full ETF range here

And please keep the requests coming for further ETFs you want to see on our platform…


Hi this would be useful as printable pdf list …


Or even better, as a CSV file :slight_smile:

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