Could you rate my portfolio?

Hello all, I am new here.
I am 30, and living a coutry which has high enflation rates, so I decided to invest ETFs.Could you rate this portfolio?what do you think?


I notice that the Avantis and Schwab ETFs are US domiciled funds and are thus unavailable on the InvestEngine platform. A 90% US weighting would probably be too high for most UK based investors.

You should really consult a professional, accredited financial advisor rather than strangers on the internet, especially ones from another country.

It seems like you’d chosen funds that lean heavily towards the US and which are highly correlated to each other. If there is a financial crisis in the US then it is likely 90% of your funds would suffer. This is much less diversified than it looks.

Can’t really comment beyond that.

Insightfolio states that it is “an investment analysis tool designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your investment portfolio.”

Even the free version looks to be providing some reporting on your portfolio - I would suggest to use this functionality of it to provide the answers you seek.

Also, apart from your age you don’t provide any further information regarding your finances, investment accounts available to you, country you live in, age, reasons/goals for investing, time horizons… anything important really - “I decided to invest in ETFs” is not very helpful either - so what kind of advice do you actually expect?