Japan ETF's - choosing?

I would like to add a Japan ETF to my portfolio. I think Japan may be under-valued with chance for good growth in the future with the advancement of EV’s, AI and technology. With all the choices on offer it’s difficult to pick the best. Any suggestions?

Hello, I wouldn’t advise you to go to japan atm I’ve lost so much money with them looks like 7% capital this also includes UBS CMCI Composite. But this is one, its a general growth portfolio, just be careful what you do with japan I’ve not seen much news on it but what I do know is that Japanese Manufacturers are investing in new engines for their cars e.g. Toyota etc but as anything it’s not going to kick in on the platform for a few weeks, months or years as I’ve seen with apple they released their new iPhones, tablets and computers but their stocks didn’t go up till a year or even years later, bass it of the performance of what you see in the media sometimes it could be to late just scout around and see what’s going on in the world that’s what I do, I’m up £39.90 on two ISA portfolios over 2 months, I believe I’m doing well with it. See what happens, lots of love to everyone on the platform investengine are definitely a way to move forward in life, but not so much free trade, been there done that its not worth it also they have fees not like investengine haha stick with them, e.g. investengine best one I’ve found yet I’ve tried like 8 or 9 platforms and they are the way to go, so chin up and keep on going matey :wink:, plus I’m, not a financial advisor. Just a comment and see what happens, my advice would be watching the media on bing. They are normally upto date with it everything, go onto your Windows PC. If you have the latest version, go into the bottom right hand corner lol on the tab bar you’ll see an extention for their apps go onto their forms and check the stocks and shares also the news taps it comes up with major shares, growths also whats risen and fallen over the years it’s great :+1: try it out. Much love to everyone keep going strong peeps :+1:byeeeeeee, bye

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