ESG or not ESG - sin-stock ETF suggestions please!

Is ESG really the future? Or can anyone recommend a good sin-stock ETF? Majority of planned ETFs in Europe to have ESG tilt, PwC says | Financial Times

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Interesting piece on ESG…anyone out there agree/disagree?

Aviva Investors chief warns over rush into ‘overpriced’ green stocks


Personally at the current stage ESG investing is not one for me, but i can certainly see it becoming more in the future.

ESG is so diverse in its definition its crazy at the moment. There are many different benchmarks for ESG that a fund simply slapping on ESG to its name can be misleading. Not only are there different benchmarks but it can also be down to the own ethics of the fund manager.

I’ve actually wrote a piece about ESG funds with a further link to understanding what ESG really means.

Sustainable/Carbon neutral funds:

ESG/sustainable Investing:

There has been a massive uptake in ESG investing but for the moment, it seems to be a buzz word for me, untill it becomes more defined. I can definitely see the appeal of it though.