We joined Invesco for the launch of their latest FTSE All-World UCITS ETF

We joined our friends at Invesco last week for the morning opening of the London Stock Exchange to celebrate the launch of their latest FTSE All-World UCITS ETF.

We’re pleased to share that the ETF is now available on InvestEngine for your consideration:

Here’s what the team at Invesco had to say:

“Global equity ETFs have attracted the strongest inflows of any category of EMEA-domiciled ETFs year to date, taking in more than £10 billion of NNA in the first five months of the year. In fact, they have gathered the most ETF assets every year since 2019. Some of these flows have been into ETFs tracking global developed market indices, but we have seen a growing trend over the past five years of individual investors looking for a simple way of gaining combined exposure to developed and emerging markets.

“We believe most of these investors are looking either for a long-term, standalone investment or a core equity holding to which they can build around for greater diversification. Perhaps even more importantly, this launch could open the door to investors who may have overlooked ETFs simply because they thought they were intended only for sophisticated professional investors. Individual investors already make up a substantial part of the US ETF market, and we are seeing this same trend developing rapidly in Europe.”

What do you think about this latest ETF launch?

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When investing, your capital is at risk.


Awesome, already invested. 0.07 cheaper than any other provider - no brainer for a whole world diversified portfolio.


0.15 TER following the link

Hi @James-InvestEngine, is there any plan to add the distributing version (FTWG) of this ETF to IE?

Yes, it’s 0.15% - I was meaning to say it’s 0.07% cheaper than VWRL for example which is 0.22%.

:+1: which is a good reason to take a look and maybe give VWRL the Spanish Archer.
Best etc.

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