Feature Request: Authenticator app MFA

I am aware that IE has Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for logging into the website, but that the only authentication method supported currently is login approval from the mobile app.

I’ve decided not to have the IE app on my phone, because of the ease of stealing funds if somebody is able to see me input my phone passcode, then steal my device. But I would still really like to use another form of MFA, that isn’t a code sent to my phone.

My preferred one is using an authenticator app to produce a time-based code for logging in. With Authy (one such authenticator app), I can make sure that thieves can’t access my codes without my face or a pin that is separate from my phone’s passcode, so this method is secure, even if my phone is stolen. Plus the codes are backed up in the cloud, so I can install the authenticator app on a new device, and get them back.

My preference if support for authentication apps becomes available is the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Most of the authenticator apps do the same thing, and so are interchangeable. I believe the Microsoft app is no different in that regard.