Business + ISA accounts. How to access both on mobile?

Hey IE team :vulcan_salute:

Maybe I am the only one to have this problem atm, but is my only chance for the time being to use different phones? If yes, will this be addressed in future?


Hi @BioLuke

You need to open a Business account via the website (not the mobile app)…once it’s open however you can manage it like any other account, on your mobile app.

There shouldn’t be any issues opening/managing ISAs or managing existing business accounts on mobile though. I’d ask that you check you have the latest version of the app.

If you’re still having issues this might be one for our customer support team

Let them what phone your using, + the operating systems (i.e. Android + the version number). We’ll get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Morning Tom, and thanks for your answer.

Let me explain better what I meant. Of course it is certainly possible that I have missed something :upside_down_face:

I already have both a business account and an ISA one with IE, and no problems accessing them via Web by using different emails address.

But on the smartphone, opening the Android app, after the biometrics authentication, only the business portfolio is listed (since it was the 1st to be opened with IE). How can I also access the ISA portfolio by using the IE app on the same smartphone?

I’m conscious my company and I are separated entities, but I also have other apps (e.g. Starling, TransferWise) that allow me to select what account to access.

Thanks for the support.

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Ohh interesting, thanks for explaining.

I’m not sure if this one has already been discussed internally…Let me speak with our development team and we’ll get back to you.

Just forget it. As I said, it could be I missed something… and indeed :blush:

It suffices to logout and login again by using the email address of the wanted account.

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I also have a business account with IE and am considering transferring my ISA to IE but would like to be able to view both accounts using the same mobile app login.

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@BioLuke & @Jd86 - I’ve spoken to our development team on this.
They’ve confirmed currently you’ll need to log out of the app (via the setting menu) and log in again using the separate email associated with the other account.

We need to look at the Starling / Transferwise examples mentioned above and understand the development involved. I can’t promise anything but it’s going to be discussed further internally.