Global X ETF Request

I am looking to invest in more Global X UCITS ETF. Invest Engine only have 3 of them right now but Global X’s range of thematic ETFs is very interesting. Does anyone know how to get more onboarded onto the platform?

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Hi, you can let us know the specific ETFs you would like to be added by contacting us via

We will then forward your suggestion to the relevant team who will consider adding ETFs specified to our DIY portfolio option.

@Gsalter - Great to hear they’re demand for more Global X ETFs.
We’re having discussion about what ETFs we add next at the moment.

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Thank you both. I have emailed to request more funds. Hopefully, they can be onboarded quickly

Is there any update on the above request?

Hi @Gsalter We can’t give any precise date for adding new funds at the moment but we’ll post updates here and social media whenever we do add new funds. Happy to see you eager for more ETFs!