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Over the last few months, many of you have asked us about adding new ETFs. We previously had a ‘Coming Soon’ list and still plan to add these. But we want to make sure you have a say on what we add next.

Update - We’re counting up the votes and will be adding the 10 most popular funds later this week (week ending 16th of September).

You can still vote and we’ll consider this for the next round of additions (early October TBC)


Might want to look at some of the descriptions - some were not intuitive.

Also note there were some non-etf’s on the list - are you also expanding into the mutual fund/unit trust space?

GBDV - SPDR S&P Gbl Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF Dist was at the top of the chart and went missing :thinking:
By any chance, are you removing the first in the list everyday for 10 days? or else?!

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@RaAl - I minor technical issue with the graph. Unintentional, I think we’re now straightened it out :crossed_fingers:

@shrimper - good spot!

We deliberately added a few of the well-known mutual funds/unit trusts. These have been requested in the past (people don’t always realise they’re not ETFs). I can’t say we’ll be adding them in September - but we do want to gauge how much demand there is for these funds.

So feel free to let us know about any other funds your want to see!

SMGB has been on the cards for some time but hasn’t been selected. It was the main reason for me signing up to Invest Engine.


SMGB for me as well please. I have SEMG but it’s synthetic & messes up my holdings/sector list in I.E.

Hi. I’ve requested this via private message already - but the Amundi Prime Global ETF should be added without doubt in my opinion, as it’s currently by far the cheapest way to invest in developed world markets


Hi all - Just to update you. We’ll be totaling up votes on Monday (12th Sept).
We’ll then look to add the top 10 ETF in the middle of next week.

The aim is to then potentially do a round 2/next 10 votes towards the end of September


Can you please add these ETFs to vote for?:

Cannot even vote for them, let alone have them added. :pray:

I think INTL, GGRP, EMQP, MCTS are already available.

I don’t know why I was certain those were missing :smiley:

@RaAl - QQQ3, QQQ5 & XS2D are leveraged funds & the Ark funds are Collateralized Debt instruments. We’re not in a position to add them this time around - but it really helpful to know there’s demand for these and they’re funds we’ll consider in the future. Thanks

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@tom.winterton Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by “We’re not in a position to add them this time around”? What is the work involved?

I’m mostly interested in the leveraged funds. Most other platforms have those available.

Hi @RaAl,

Regarding the leverage funds it is principally a policy decision and compliance review.
We’re required to have a documented process in place to show these funds have been formally reviewed and we’re satisfied that they’re appropriate for our platform/product, we have the right warning in place etc.

These leverage funds are inherently riskier. There are also other factors with these funds that may not make them suitable to hold long-term (they typically track multiples of daily price movements – but other costs and structural elements of the fund mean this may not accurately track weekly or monthly movements). That said, I think we are in principle open to making them available for DIY portfolio.

Hope that makes it clear. You’re giving us a good sense of the demand for these funds - that’s really helpful so thanks.

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Hope you can add EMVL and USSC

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I agree that GBDV - SPDR S&P Gbl Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF Dist looks a great ETF for those that want a more Value weight. Checking the data from Morningstar, the weight among Large/Medium/Small caps are really well distributed for having more diversification.

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We add your Top 10!

(as requested between 26th August - 12th Sept)

It’s been of those Fridays with too much happening, I almost forgot to post this.
We went live this morning with your 10 most requested ETFs.
Over 300 votes were cast, so thanks for all your input.

If the fund you were looking for didn’t make the top 10, we’ve rolled over the votes. Will be looking to do another release sometime in October. So look out for further updates.


USML please
Thank you.

Hi @Omian , USML is traded in USD. At this time we are concentrating on ETFs traded in GBP and listed on the LSE. I will forward your ETF suggestion to the business team who may look for a GBP equivalent of USML.