ETF addition to the platform

Could you please add


to the platform please
thank you

Hi, I have forwarded your ETF request to our investment team, who will look into adding it to our DIY portfolio option.

We can’t give any precise date for adding new funds at the moment but we’ll post updates here and on social media whenever we do add new funds.

Thanks Paul_M, much appreciated.
Just for me to have an idea, even though I understand you can’t precise a date, what is the average time for a ETF to be added from the moment it is suggested? Are we talking a couple of weeks in average, to a month, 2 months, more?

Hey @mog

Obvious disclaimer that I don’t work for IE, at all.

In the few months I have been posting here, this is the only time I’ve seen an ETF added quickly after being suggested: ETF Request - UC99 - that’s about four months.

The most likely scenario is that your suggestions aren’t added any time soon. There are a lot of things IE have to consider that we’re not necessarily privy to.

There are quite a lot of ETFs on the site that track gilts, and a fair few that track UK equities. I’d suggest investing in the best-available option for now and seeing if your preferred option is added in the future.

I seem to remember that Global X Superdividend (SDIV) was asked about to be added in February 2023 - and it has now been added in February 2024.

Other ETF’s which have been asked about have still not been added and no updates are given at any point - pretty poor communication.

Thanks @TBrailles and @Pinch for your input.