Global X SuperDividend

Hi to all , just came across this Global X SuperDividend ETF . Price depreciation and dividend cuts , is this a stay away ETF ? Can’t see the any plus in invest in it . Why does it call Global X SuperDividend ? A bit misleading .Thanks .

As far as I can tell, it’s a US ETF and hence not available on IE.

As to why someone would buy it, I suppose if you’re hyper focused on yield above anything else, then a 10%+ yield from a globally diversified ETF will attract a certain set of investors.

It is available on IE - Ticker SDIP for the London Stock Exchange (SDIV on their website).


It is quite a bit less US-centric than other ETF’s, see country information:

I think the yield by itself as well as the fact that this ETF pays dividends monthly are big points for people to consider buying this ETF.


More information on the Global X EU website as well as on JustETF.

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