How does Dividend Reinvestment work with autoinvest

If you have multiple ETF holdings in an account, and get you a dividend from one of them with auto-invest switched on. Does the dividend get auto invested across the portfolio in the preset percentages, or just the ETF that the dividend came from? (If we don’t have the choice can we add this as an option to select how you want dividends reinvested)

Hi @nven200 , If you receive any dividends from a holding in your portfolio, the proceeds will get invested across the portfolio according to the target weights, starting with the most underweight ones.
I will pass your suggestion to have the ability to select which ETF you would like the dividends invested in to the relevant team.

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Can suggest/request a feature update related to this?
I am monthly investing.
If i receive a small dividend, I don’t really want it auto-invested, as it creates lots of very small trades.
If I have a cash buffer defined, when my monthly payment arrives, auto-invest will leave me with that cash buffer after the trades.
What I really want to happen is any dividends received are held in the account and then when my monthly payment arrives, autoinvest the incoming payment plus and dividend cash waiting?

I think what I want is an autoinvest threshold, so that once cash in the account exceeds this threshold ALL the cash is autoinvested.

For me this would be immediately after my monthly payment arrives, and should sweep up any dividends received in that month, and would give me genuinely automatic investing without having to mess about with cash buffers to avoid dividends bein invested on arrival, but wanting to invest all cash once my monthly investment cash arrives.

This avoids tiny trades (which I imagine helps with admin costs and may even help wth settlement times if small trades create difficulties.) In my transaction history I have lots of trades of <£1 that I didn’t really want from dividends arriving, and I’ve reverted to semi manual investing because of them.

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Thank you for your suggestion!
We are always looking to make our platform more comfortable for our clients to use. Please be sure that your suggestion has been forwarded to the relevant team to look into the possibilities of adding new features.