Dividends / Income Received

Hi IE Team
It would be great in the future if Total Dividends / Income Received could be displayed on the dashboard if possible :+1:t3:


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Thank you for reaching out, I’m going to look into this for you and I’ll report back today if not Monday.
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Morning Rishi,
As promised, I wanted to get back to you concerning your suggestion on Dividends. We have several updates coming soon, and once I’m able to share more information I will be posting in the community, I can promise there are some exciting updates to come, so make sure to keep an eye out.
Please let me know if I can help with anything else.
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Regarding dividends/interest. If you have a DIY income portfolio, is the income automatically paid out at the beginning of the following month like the managed income portfolio, or is it just added to available cash?

Also, can you see an income projection for a DIY portfolio?

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Dividends are just added to your available cash. If you have autoinvest on, they will then be reinvested at as per your portfolio breakdown percentages (Unless you have a cash buffer in place)

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Hi there

There are two types of ETFs: Accumulating and Distributing.

Accumulating ETFs reinvest dividends and don’t pay out.
Distributing ETFs pay dividends into the portfolio cash balance.

If your portfolio’s AutoInvest setting is OFF, the dividend will stay as cash on the portfolio balance. You can withdraw it to your bank account or manually invest it in the portfolio.

If your portfolio’s AutoInvest setting is ON, the dividend will be automatically invested based on the target weights set for the ETFs in this portfolio.

In an ISA portfolio, distributed dividends don’t reduce your remaining ISA allowance.

I hope the above helps answer any questions you have and if I can help with anything else, please let me know.

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