How many portfolios do you have?

Was sort of curious how many portfolios you have in your account and how you manage them?

err… I’ve got 6 + cash

IE Growth - managed by IE so i can compare my results with them
IE Bond - managed by IE

My Growth - index
My Punt - more risky frothy etfs
My Income - dividend etfs and bonds
My Value - value etfs

I’m sure i’m overthinking it, but allows me to plop my monthly top-up where I think is the best value, also depending on market sentiment, my strategy can help me better decide where to invest.



ohh… I forgot, I have another called “Watchlist”

I just use this to add etf’s I find interesting that I want to watch or consider investing at a later date.

I don’t invest any funds in this portfolio, just “add securities” when looking through the long list we have available at IE to keep them handy.


Interesting. I have three. One accumulation ISA one distribution and one ‘watcher’ consisting of my research ETFs, eg rare earths, hydrogen, India, chatgpt. I made that last one up, or did I ? :wink:


Four portfolios myself, based around Income / Accumulation / Speculative (risky but ‘fun’ investments) / Commodities

I am phasing out the Income portfolio due to changes to UK tax law and my overall investment plan.


I’ve got three:

  • Property & Gold/Silver (with a smattering of world/UK trackers for ‘balance’)
  • Thematics (commodities, energy, agribusiness, healthcare, robotics etc.)
  • Selected Regional (Latin America, Spain. Japan, Turkey etc.)

I’ve got 3.

  1. InvestEngine managed Income portfolio.
  2. A globally diversified stock and bonds portfolio (will allow this to compound and grow).
  3. A 100% bond portfolio (will take the income or part of the income if and when I want to).

The great think about InvestEngine is every £1 of income can be invested across your portfolio (£1 min per portfolio after your initial £100 investment).

I cannot speak highly enough of InvestEngine. It’s been a great experience :ok_hand:


I have three:

  • Equities
  • Property
  • Commodities

I like the idea of a watchlist mentioned above, will probably add that as there are loads of quite fun ETFs I wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on.

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