Managed Growth portfolio breakdown

I’m thinking of moving from Managed Income to Managed Growth. Is there anywhere I can see which ETFs each Managed Growth portfolio invests in so that I can research this further?

You can just create a managed portfolio of type growth
Go through the set up questions and before save you can see the allocation it creates based on your responses.
You don’t have to commit or save it or add money.
I have two managed growth funds. An 8 and a 9.
Both are down at the moment.
How has your income portfolio done?
I didn’t create one as commentators had said bonds were in for a tough time and I thought I already had enough bonds. (This was last year. Never mind the most recent developments).
I have a classic 60/40 in my pension and its way down.

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Thanks for this - I’ll give that a go.

In terms of income - pretty well. It’s currently running at over 5%. Growth-wise, not so good - down around 10%. It’s around 80% bonds, so enough said.

I don’t really need the income so I’m thinking about growth instead - either managed or DIY.

I’ve just created an income to have ba look. Gave me 5% dividend fund and 95% bond. I think when I first looked at this it was entirely bond based.
Like I said I’ve avoided bonds this last 18 months.
For income I’ve gone for a dividend approach. Vanguard high dividend yield and the same Invesco S&P 500 fund as in the income managed portfolio.
I had read that alternatives to bonds for income were ETFs based on infrastructure. (Government funded enterprises)
Perhaps Invest Engine should consider this.

I have a portfolio of high-dividend UK shares with HL (no charge to hold) returning 6.1% so far this year.

I’ve instructed InvestEngine to move the cash from my Managed Income to Growth 5. It looks a reasonable all-weather portfolio, although I’m not convinced that 1% WisdomTree AI and 1% iShares Automation & Robotics is of much benefit.

Hey @MikeZ , interesting portfolio you have with HL!

So, dividend figures are usually quoted in the last 12 months trailing and not on a forward basis.

The AI allocation is cosmetic and bolts onto our tech exposure in the US, mainly through a wider diversification than the Nasdaq.

Happy investing : )