In-specie transfer possible?

I am considering changing my ISA provider due to certain constraints and I am exploring if a transfer to InvestEngine would be feasible.

My current provider, Interactive Brokers, holds my investments via Euroclear. I contacted other ISA providers and they said an in-specie transfer wouldn’t be possible, because they use CREST, which is incompatible with Euroclear.

Does InvestEngine use Euroclear to hold and settle transactions in the UK and is hence compatible with in-specie transfers from Interactive Brokers?

InvestEngine uses Euroclear; it says as much in their Terms and Conditions (Section 14.12)… Infact Euroclear owns Crest, so its probably not the issue, although it may be related. InvestEngine’s investment universe is limited to ETFs listed in £GBP on the London Stock Exchange. If you hold ETFs listed in Frankfurt or on the NYSE then a transfer may not be possible. Difficult to say without knowing what assets do you hold.