ISA - In-specie Transfer Out

I’m considering transferring out my holdings in my InvestEngine ISA account to another provider. I had two questions please -

  1. Does InvestEngine support in-specie transfer-out on their ISA accounts?
  2. After I transfer out, can I still choose to use the InvestEngine ISA account for this year’s ISA subscription?


Hi @rammal,
Sorry for the slow reply.

1) We will try - Although this is difficult because of our support fractional holdings. Fractional holdings can’t be transferred. We will try to work with any other provider and look to see if integer part of holdings can be transferred but we can’t promise anything on this it usually proves very difficult.

2) Yes. We want to support you to grow your wealth however we can. Obviously we don’t want to see transfers out but if that’s part of your plans your still welcome to have your new ISA with us