In specie transfer out

Looking where to park my isa for next year.
Understand you now offer in specie transfer in, Do you offer in specie transfer out?

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Hi @sach
In-specie transfers out (as well as GIA in-specie transfers) are in our road-map and set for release in the coming months. Keep it here for the latest updates on those!

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How likely the GIA in-specie transfers to ISA be available before May? I plan to transfer my InvestEngine GIA to ISA early next tax year but if it is not available soon, I may choose to sell and buy instead of waiting for the unknown. Any more clear estimation of timing? Thanks.

Hi @ojee ,
Unfortunately we can not give any precise dates as to when to expect in-specie GIA to ISA transfers at the moment. The team is currently working on this and a couple more features but we can expect them rolled out in a couple of months.

Hi @ojee,

Just to clarify, we can’t support GIA to ISA in-specie transfer as this is not permitted by HMRC. All new ISA subscriptions need to initially be cash.

ISA in-specie transfers in from other providers is live!

GIA in-specie transfers in should be available very shortly with an electronic form available on the app. If you do have a larger holding you want to transfer please contact our customer support team (We maybe able to support this now, depending on the provider your transferring away from)

Transfers out - we’re working through the details and supporting In-specie transfers where we can. This is a little more complicated as we offer fractional shares (only the integer can be transferred) but were working through the details.

Note We’ll only be able to accept in-specie transfer in of ETFs we currently have live. If you have another GBP LSE listed ETF you want to transfers. Please contact our support channel to discuss.

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