Is it normal to only expect tiny returns in 10 years from now..?

I’m new to investing and expect bigger returns than in P2P or fixed saving accounts etc. But I am shocked to see that if I put in £100 right now, in 10 years’ time I can expect to maybe be at… £200. What’s the point of that?! Isn’t that shockingly low? The ‘expected’ actually says £125-180, and over £215 would be ‘exceptional’. What?!

What expected returns are you referring to?

Sounds about right. An 8% annual return is a doubling roughly every decade

“Not financial advise” That is normal, but why would you just put in £100 and wait ten years. Maybe put it in to high risk like BitCoin and hope it does not crash, or not even exist in ten years. :grinning:

I started at £50 per month when a was 18, plan to retire at 57 with no issues.

So do you put in £50 a month into Invest Engine over many years? Do you make a lot of profit from it?

I feel quite disillusioned realising that’s all I can expect! I don’t make much less return than that on the savings accounts that don’t have the element of risk involved!

Wondering whether I should just keep my money safer in the savings accounts, seeing as there’s seemingly not much more payoff to this riskier investing :frowning: and none of it even matches inflation…

Do some research @yip

If someone told me I would be a millionaire by time I retire I would have thought they are crazy

Do research, watch YouTube James shack and Damien talks money. You will learn a a lot

Thanks for these suggestions. Watching their videos now. It’s hard to know where to start and what sources should be trusted.

What do you think I’m doing here, Carl?! I’m here to learn, trying to learn from others who are ahead of me on the investing journey.

Very unhelpful and pointless comment.

I understsnd it may seem underwhelming at first but when you realise the power of regular contributions + compounding returns, you will realise that 8% annualised returns is very good.

Also keep in mind the inflation we have had in the past year or two is not the norm. Over the long term it averages between 2% and 3%.

This is all very helpful to know. It is not as bad as I thought. Thank you Tom! Would you recommend contributing £10-50 a month?

Watch these videos

Remember to take advantage of SIPP and ISA, before GIA for tax purposes

Try out a compound calculator i.e. if you put in £100 per month for 5 years, at an average of 9% return, this is the result


VUSA return of 1000 one of investment over 10 years