ISA sign up boxes

Hi, when you sign up for an ISA, there are two tick boxes to initially confirm. What are these? I am not sure if I remember them from previous ISAs.

Hi @cjonesguitar,
I’m not 100% sure which step your referring… I’ll list some of the questions/tick boxes below.
Let me know if its one of these?

  • We ask if want to open a new ISA or Transfer an ISA
  • There’s also an ISA declaration tick box
  • We have a privacy & marketing tick boxes
  • Legal & Regulatory declaration tickbox to accept T&Cs
  • There are also tick boxes on the ISA Transfer form



Hi Tom, don’t worry as they are all compulsory anyway to tick? It was the ‘authority’ ones I don’t think I saw on other ISAs before.

@cjonesguitar - ‘Keep me up to date about new features and services’ is optional for our marketing emails… but yes all the others are compulsory