KYC email requesting information

I have received a email with the content:

Within our Terms and Conditions for Clients, under clause 27. Due Diligence Information, we have an obligation for ongoing Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 

With this in mind, we would be grateful if you could provide the following information within seven (7) days code here

I am happy to provide this however the setup with getting us to provide sensitive personal information very poor, and really needs an overhaul.

  • email is not a good means of providing this is as its an inherently insecure means of exchanging information.

  • The wording, reference to some obscure clause, generating a sense of urgency it straight from the playbook of phishing actors.

  • the fact you do not provide a phone number means there is no way to validate by phoning the helpdesk.

  • When I questioned I was provided a a link to a 3rd party upload site not using your domain name. Again I have no means of validating to whom I am sending this information.

Most financial institutions I deal with have a secure messaging service, I am surprised not to see one here. This lack of secure processes is not providing me with assurances.

I need for the upload facility to be provided via a site using your SSL certificate or via your app so I can have some assurances its not getting into the wrong hands. Can you please provide such a solution.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We understand your concern regarding the security of your data and please be assured we are taking it seriously too.

Regarding the the security of sending the document via email we do provide an alternative way to securely sent your sensetive documents over to us.

You can review our Terms & Conditions for Customers over at here - InvestEngine Terms and Conditions for Clients

Unfortunately, phone support is not available at this time. However, we are here to assist you through other means.

We are constantly improving our services, so please be assured i sent your feedback over to our Development team.