Update bank details

Been waiting 3 weeks for teply to update bank account very poor customer service why??frank meye
No emails send to my email commercialftp@gmail.com need to change my vank details send 3 days ago still old bank details on my dashboard …

Hello Frank,
We believe you have emailed our support about this and they have replied. Could you please take a look at your emails and we will certainly help resolve it as soon as possible.

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No nothing sent to my email commetcialftp@gmail.com the bank details are still the the same i e nationwide id sent copies of bank statements of my new bank .revolute to you .
My property etf still showing a 96 poundbalance but nill in cash balance ? So cant tranfer to cash tab .

Hi Frank! We have sent an email to the main email address linked to your InvestEngine account (used as login) on the 2nd of March. Kindly check it.

Never received email san you resend please ASAP
Frakk Meyer

Not wanting to state the obvious here but are the spelling of the email address in question correct?

commeRcialftp versus commeTcialftp as posted above…

Commercialftp@gmail.com thanks

Yes its commercialftp@gmail.com

Whats happening? No reply to my email pleae send rrpky so i can change my bank account .
Sick and tired of doing this

Hi @frankmeyer

I have checked our emails, we haven’t had one from you since 2nd March.

Apologies for any issues, I will reach out to your email now, and we will resolve your issue : )

@frankmeyer I have also private messaged you in this Community forum, to help resolve as soon as possible!

All I need to do is change my bank details and why is my property portfolio still showing a balance of £96 when it has been sold!!if like this resolved today please …
Frank Meyer

Good morning @frankmeyer

We have just emailed you again, for client data protection we can’t disclose too much on here, but rest assured we are trying to contact you and have replied to all of your emails.

Have a lovely day

Whats happening bank account still with nationwide …HOW DIFFICULT is this to change ???

Hi @frankmeyer , hope you are well.

We have been emailing you, and replied to your emails.

We will again get in touch right now, please can you check your emails and see our replies to your emails and we can resolve ASAP : )

Hi not received one email please send over email chain to commercialftp@gmail.com. only !
Thanks Frank all im wanting is my correct bank details on my account …

@frankmeyer I suggest you check your profile and confirm your contact details are correct and then between yourself and the support people confirm the spellings of the correct email addresses involved.

It is quite surreal to watch this thread where one side says they send and the other side says they don’t receive and vice versa…

Check these fields and verify all is correct.

I’m rooting for you. Hope your issues gets sorted…

Thanks for your support its resolved all these problems would be much easier if there was a customer help line number !!it’s a false economy doing everything via app even if it’s one person sitting remote day 10-4 pm each day …Frank nothing wrong with speaking to a human being

Hi @frankmeyer I’m glad we have managed to get to the bottom of you query.

For security purposes, we can only email clients on the registered email on their accounts.

We got there, and now you know your client IC and the email registered to it, please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions and we will certainly be happy to help : )

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