LISA and SIPP incoming?

Are we getting a LISA or perhaps a SIPP soon?


T212 dont have a LISA or a SIPP, what a game changer that would be and a great idea omian.

sadly i wish i was young enough for a LISA but i will be a share holder tomorrow.

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I’m urging my nieces to get LISAs but currently it looks like it might be from HL. I’d prefer them to use IE but…

@Omian - We’re not quiet ready to formally announce anything or share any detail yet … but maybe ask me again about SIPPs in June/July :wink:

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Hi Tom.

Can you relay to your team to please develop a product that allows employer contributions.

After years waiting for Vanguard to develop their product, it turned out that they created one that doesn’t allow employer contributions, which seems incredible as the vast bulk of the UK workforce are employees and not self employed.

Vanguard lost my business then and I had to go to another provider that does allow this.

I sincerely hope IE doesn’t make the same mistake…

Yes, absolute on the same page as you @PunchPerfect. We’re working through the details of a ‘Salary Sacrifice’ option to allow employers to contribute directly before payroll taxes / NI. As I understand it there is a dependency on the Employer’s payroll system etc.

We’re looking at how we can better engage Employers and potential “Workplace / Group SIPP” options to get that Employer side buy-in too. (Likely more posts on out to our community on this in the coming months)


As a client and shareholder in IE, that’s great to hear Tom :slight_smile:

Salary sacrifice is how I’m doing this currently.

It’s incredible to think a new investment firm is seemingly more in touch with is client base and needs than the second biggest wealth manager in the world :joy:


My employer pays contribution to a pension provider of their choice, I transfer the contribution to my preferred pension provider every month.

That’s better than not having the option at all, but the extra admin work, plus time out of the market whilst transferring means it’s far from ideal.

Agreed. I don’t think my employer would consider paying contributions to other providers. :disappointed:

I’m fortunate that 1) my employer agrees to salary sacrifice 2) they pay a higher SIPP percentage contribution than they would through their workplace pension and 3) allow it to be paid to any pension provider of my choosing. I know a lot of people don’t have such luck though…