SiPP with Employer Contributions?

Am I correct in stating that as of today the IE platform does not support a SiPP with Employer Contributions? Does anyone know whether this is planned going forward as I’ve a reasonably large SiPP I’d like to transfer but the SiPP is funded through a private Ltd company

I just opened a SIPP to make contributions from my Ltd company and just found out I can’t. This is a big flaw if that’s a case. I think ii allow this so will be off there instead. :weary:

I agree and it’s a shame as I like the IE platform and cost structure. Very easy through HL, but their costs are high hence wishing to transfer. Perhaps one day… :grinning:

Hi all! Absolutely, I understand your concerns.

We’re actively addressing this issue and are committed to making employer contributions possible for all SIPP accounts. Our team is diligently working on the necessary adjustments and enhancements, including allowing pension contributions directly from companies.

While we can’t provide an exact timeline, rest assured, this feature is a top priority for us. We appreciate your patience and understanding.