New etf request

Would like to request the following etf - lyxor Dow jones industrial average tracker -DJEL - as there doesn’t seem to be any ETFs on the platform currently that track the DJIA - only the sp500 / Nasdaq etc

Please could you add JPLG ? JP Morgan multi factor ETF?

This one is already available :blush:


Great. Any chance of Franklin Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (FLXE) ?

Hi @jg7558 , Thanks for the request! I have relayed it to the team for consideration. Please keep a lookout here for the latest additions to our ETF Range.

Please could you add IPRA, this is the accumulating version of IPRV which you offer already?
Thank you.

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Hi, please could you look at adding FTWG - Invesco FTSE All-World ETF?

Your platform currently has the acc version FWRG which I’m using, but I would much more prefer to have a dist version for motivation :grinning:

I would like to request Defiance Quantum ETF QTUM please

Hi all! Thank you for your suggestions!
I have forwarded your ETF requests IPRA, FTWG, and QTUM to our investment team, who will look into adding them.

Are we any closer to adding Franklin Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (FLXE)? It’s the only thing stopping me from transferring my SIPP from Hargreaves Lansdown

Hi! I will forward your suggestion to our Investments team who will consider adding this ETF to our platform.

This ETF has been added