(New Feature) 3rd Party Trade Notifications


I’m pleased to announce we have added 3rd Party Trade Notifications for all accounts on InvestEngine.

This feature allows you to add a separate email address to your InvestEngine account. This email address will then receive a copy of all the trade confirmations for both buys & sell within your DIY and Managed portfolios,

We’ve launched this feature as we know many people are required to report trading activity to their employer. Others may also want a record of trades sent to a separate business email address or directly to their accountant.

How does it work?
Simply head over to your settings and enter the 3rd party email address you want notifying

  • Both your account email & the new 3rd party address will then be notified via email that the reporting has been enabled
  • Separate trade notification emails will be sent after each days trades (grouped by portfolio). This will confirm whether trades were undertaken on an execution or discretionary basis
  • Should the account holder wish to disable the feature a sperate notification will be sent to both emails confirming trade notification have been disabled

Enable 3rd Party Notifications in Settings

Notification Email

Further FAQs on this feature can be found here → https://help.investengine.com/hc/en-gb/articles/10368813521309-Can-I-have-trade-confirmations-sent-to-a-3rd-party-