The Way You Notify Portfolio Changes

Why have you changed the email we get when we update our portfolio?
I don’t like it. Your not informing us the share price we paid…


There is no trade time stamp either, so no time and price, other than that, okay.

I was “printing” these off as PDFs as they contain useful information for record keeping purposes. Less useful so now.

Any reason for this change?

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Yeah, it’s not very transparent…

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I second the motion to revert the email to contain the original useful information.
There is no need to add all that advertising and shortcuts at the bottom, I doubt any of us use it.

Hooray the “Here’s how your portfolio looks now” titled emails are back.

Thank you Team InvestEngine.


Most of the information mentioned here is now gone from my ‘trade confirmation emails’. There’s no client number, no price at which the order was executed, no time stamp, no total amount, no ISIN, no order ID etc. I have a business account here, but the emails from IE contain just my name and nothing else. There are no downloadable contrac notes and the ‘trade confirmation emails’ are basically useless.