(New Feature ) Total Expense Ratio for ETFs


I’m pleased to announce we have added Total Expense Ratios TER for all the ETFs in our Universe.

This feature is just on the Website at the moment but will be coming to the mobile apps in the next few weeks. (You previously had to look through the KID documents to find it)

On the DIY Universe Screen

And on individual ETF pages

Why is TER important?
TER stands for Total Expense Ratio and is how much in percentage (%) terms the ETF charges for investment management and admin costs each year.

The TER is deducted directly from the ETF rather than being charged separately, and the value and performance of your investment is quoted after this deduction

We’ve added to the platform to help you compare the ongoing charges with different ETFs when building your DIY portfolio. [This is the fund/ETF cost, not something InvestEngine charges]

More planned!
We also have lots in the work here but as always let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for future improvements