Non DIY: show avg TER + ability to exclude "dist" choices

Hi there!
Just started using the managed portfolio option and si far so good! 2 questions:
1/ because you Invest in multiple etfs envelop, it’d be great to show the (weighted) average TER of your choices. I chose IE for its positioning on etfs and low fees, but these ter are extra fees I will pay so I want to monitor them too :slight_smile:
2/ can I toggle a button to exclude “dist” etfs, even on the managed portfolio choice? I don’t want to ever get dividends out of etfs, just want them fully reinvested. Thanks!

Btw, isn’t it countra the philosophy of etfs to select multiple ETFs that stack each over? It averages up the cost of TER + plummet the perf of some well-known and performing ETFs.



  1. You should be able to view the TER of your portfolio on the portfolio dashboard. Please note that we do not charge any fees except for 0.25% a year for using managed portfolios.

  2. Managed Income portfolios that pay dividends instead of reinvesting them is a legacy product. Please see this post explaining why we’re no longer offering them

Thanks Paul. And yet VFEM is part of my portfolio (growth 6) with ‘dist’ ?maybe it’s not the income account you refer to?

Vanguard, like many other providers have two versions of a particular fund; accumulation or distribution of income. The two flavours available in your case are VFEM and VFEG and by the sounds of it you want VFEG

If you want dividends paid out then keep VFEM - Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets (Dist) (IE00B3VVMM84)

If you don’t want dividends then you want VFEG - Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets (Acc) (IE00BK5BR733)

But then again, you are referring to managed portfolios of which I have no knowledge on it’s inner workings. On the other hand with a DIY portfolio you simply make your changes yourself :stuck_out_tongue: