No EUR Hedged ETFs available

Hello there,

I wonder why there are no EUR Hedged ETF in Invest Engine.
I live in UK, but I’m European and so I always think in Euro currency in terms of long terms investment return and retirement savings.

If it were possible I would invest almost all in EUR Hedged, but I know it’s not possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I wonder why common S&P 500 tracked ETFs EUR Hedged (such as IUSE) are not available in InvestEnigne. I cannot even vote for it in the “Vote for new DIY ETFs!” poll.

Given the current volatility of the £ Pound and current state of economy (without talking about politics), this is more relevant than ever before.

Is there any explanation for this?

Hey RaAI, how are you?

If I understand your question, it’s why don’t we offer ETFs denominated in other currencies?

Right now, we offer GBP hedged ETFs. Offering ETFs in other currencies adds complexity to our operations. We want to get everything streamlined first in GBP, then branch out to add more.

When we are confident we can offer ETFs in other currencies with no problems, we certainly will launch them !

Thanks for contributing to the community and happy investing : )

@OmarRizeq Hey Omar, unfortunately I don’t understand your points.

In InvestEngine you already have a small fund size (£102 m) EUR-Hedged ETF (iShares MSCI Japan SRI EUR Hedged - SUJS), so I can’t see why you should not have a way more common ETF like (iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITS ETF Acc IUSE ) which has a fund size of £3,517 m.
Both can be traded at the London Stock Exchange.

The IUSE ETF is not present in InvestEngine and cannot even be voted for here: Vote for new DIY ETFs! - #18 by tom.winterton
which I find it really strange to be honest.
I would think this a major ETF missing in the platform right now, if not the biggest in fund size missing in the platform.

Hi @RaAl . The decision to offer only GBP denominated ETFs has been taken as a business decision currently but we definitely have plans in our roadmap to include more offerings including EUR denominated ETFs. The example you gave of the IUSE ETF would certainly be a good addition when the time comes!

Hi @RaAl , I wanted to let you know that we have IUSA (same fund but non-hedged) as well as IGUS (which is the GBP hedged equivalent fund). :slightly_smiling_face: