Want to find etf gbp hedged

Hello, is there any developed world or all world etf that is accumulating of dividends and gbp hedged?

I found only 1 but no good to me.
iShares MSCI World GBP Hedged UCITS ETF (Acc). Too expensive at 0.55%

Keep in mind that the performance is net of fees, so it is not all abput fees. Check the tracking error on the iShares website, it may be that it follows the benchmark very well, despite the fees.

I haven’t checked myself though! I think you’re right that is the only GBP hedged developed world tracker on InvestEngine.

JGEP might be similar enough if you don’t mind that it’s a smart beta fund (i still don’t really know what that means)

Hi, thanks for replies.

I might just carry on buying some s&p 500 gbp hedged ETF. There are plenty of them and the TER is cheap. 0.05-0.07%.

Wanted msci world, msci acwi, ftse developed world or ftse all world so it was more diversified.

They say it’s important to keep costs down so can’t justify paying 0.55% for a tracker.
JGEP is only available on certain platforms and hasn’t been around that long so not tempted by that.

You could do this:

Obviously some parts are not hedged, but USD, JPY and EUR movements will be hedged at least, so it’s really just EM exposure that’s unhedged. Fee works out at 0.13%

But I also don’t mind just buying the Dist version of the iShares World ETF you mentioned (IWDG), given that there’s no fee to reinvesting dividends on IE. Fee is cheaper at 0.3%

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That portfolio looks great.

IWDG is an option too and reinvest the dividends as you say.