Nominal Vs percent growth

Can anyone explain me how an ETF can be up in nominal terms and down in percentage terms and another ETF the opposite. How is that calculated?

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Could it be currency effects? Dollar has strengthened significantly and emerging market currencies are down this year, which makes the Nasdaq one up despite being down and the FTSE Emerging Markets one down despite being up.

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I’d like to first share this link from our FAQs, which will explain how our indicators are calculated

TWR percentage & £ return.

The values of a portfolio (the £ value and the % value) don’t get updated at the same time. The value difference gets updated overnight, and the portfolio value gets updated in the morning and at 2.30 pm.

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Thanks for explaining that.

For a better User Experience I would suggest to update the two metrics simultaneously if possible.

It may be just OCD of mine, but being a data analyst that discrepancy is like acid in my eyes :joy: