Ongoing issue with Awaiting Settlement

So I now have 5 separate trades in the dreaded “Awaiting Settlement” stage. I appreciate that this is a known issue with comments and responses going back several months, but I’m less than satisfied with what is happening, or not happening.

Currently have over £500 locked in this state and all I get is the standard response of “Our Brokers aim to settle orders on T+2”, well we are currently at T+23 for the oldest one and the youngest is T+6 so the aim was and is well off!

A pretty poor show I’m afraid…


Check this post too Waiting nearly 3 weeks now for a transaction to settle

I am a little concerned, I have 177k and growing in IESU 14% gain in the last month, I know this will not last forever and will want to sell at some point. But with your post and the other it seems odd ?

Please keep this post up to date with what is happening.

Thank you

Hi @jamesc @SpookLambert,

We see your messages and hear the feedback. Although the majority of our stocks are settling on T+2 - I appreciate it is highly frustrating you’re waiting so much longer. :frowning:

We’re seeing this issue primarily affect the more niche EFT we have on the platform (typically some of the thematic funds which see lower trading volumes). I will see if I’m able to share some data on this & the specific funds.

We do have agreement from our brokers/market makers on how we’re going to resolve this issue - It’s requiring development on our side (to allow us to net off unsettled trades on CREST). This is going to us take a bit of time though. I think this has been said before but it is our top priority & we’ll keep you posted!