Portfolio graph suggestion

It would be nice to be able to see portfolio returns without huge leaps due to adding funds.

Instead of this, a % return graph that shows the value of $X invested at the start of the period in your current portfolio. Just something that shows actual gains in relation to the performance of the portfolio, rather than just addition of funds.


Yes, i pointed this out to support quite some time ago. There feedback was you can already do that on managed portfolios (ie: those managed by them)…

On screen it has a nice switch to “net contributions”, but sadly self managed portfolios don’t have that feature… i’m sure it can’t be much of a lift as they’ve already implemented elsewhere…

My apologies for approaching this discussion slightly inexperienced, but I’m looking to where I can go to suggest new ETF’s? Thanks

google finance is a great option to create several portfolios and watchlists of your IE actual holdings and another for stocks or wishlists etc.
an easy to set up app which is instantaneous

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Justetf.com is worth a look

Doesn’t really solve the OP’s question on being able to see return net of contributions on IE’s own graphs, which honestly I would like to see as well.

However the use of Google Finance in your own sheets is a great one. If using Google Sheets (or Excel) you can easily add useful live free data into a cell for instance

Daily price change

Current Price

20 day trend line ** change the -20 to another value to change the range length
=SPARKLINE(GoogleFinance(“LON:IUSA”, “price”,TODAY()-20,TODAY()))