Queries regarding transferring from Vanguard to Invest Engine

I currently have a Vanguard S&S Isa with the following funds:

Global Small-Cap Index Fund – Accumulation
FTSE Developed Europe Ex-UK Equity Index Fund – Accumulation.
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund – Accumulation.
Japan Stock Index Fund – Accumulation.
Pacific Ex-Japan Stock Index Fund – Accumulation.
FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS ETF (VHYL)
FTSE UK All Share Index Unit Trust – Accumulation.
US Equity Index Fund – Accumulation.

  1. I want to transfer these to IE. As part of the transfer will ETFs equivalents be assigned or will the transfer result in a lump sum that I have to manually split myself?

  2. Are there equivalent low-cost ETFs to match each of these funds?


Hi @SteveInv
Your ETFs will be transferred over in-specie for the funds that we have available, and in cash for the ones not available at IE. You will then have the option to decide how the funds get allocated.
Please look through our ETF range (accessible via ‘Add securities’ option from your portfolio dashboard) for an overview of our offering.
If you have any specific ETF that you would like added to our offering, please let us know as well and we will pass the request to our business team.