Transfer of one Vanguard ETF to Invest Engine DIY portfolio


I would like to know if its possible to transfer just one Vanguard ETF from my portfolio there to my Invest Engine DIY portfolio.

I currently have a VUSA ETF (Dist.) and a Vanguard Developed World ex-UK (Acc.) index fund with Vanguard. I wish to transfer my VUSA ETF entirely in-specie to my Invest Engine DIY portfolio which already contains VUAG (the accumulation version of VUSA).

From looking at the ISA Transfer form on the Invest Engine website, it does not allow me to specify the particular fund I want to transfer from Vanguard. I would be grateful for any help you can provide on how I might achieve the transfer of VUSA only.

Thank you

Hi @essgeesee Unfortunately we do not currently support partial In-specie transfers. Partial transfers are only available for past tax year ISAs and these are en-cashed.