Suggestions on how to invest funds from transferred ISA's

Suggestions on how to invest transferred ISA into IE ISA. Drip feeding in over the months/year or larger chunks early in the year . Drip feeding in can take a while and in the meantime the money is not doing anything(not always a bad thing !)

It is subjective, if you have a portfolio built and have funds, you can invest them in one go and later top it up every month. I am assuming most people will do that. You can see what other people suggest.

Swings and roundabouts, don’t think you can time the market. Just chuck it all in, more time to recover any short term losses.

Lump sum or drip feeding is down to you there are arguements for both

Whatever lets you sleep at night is the right method.

Opinion only but how about looking for suitable ETFs on just

If I were you I’d probably split between a US, a Global/World and UK FTSE 100. All accumulators.

Just invest the whole amount in equities, bonds and cash to match your risk profile - just like all investments. Even if you have decided that you are happy with the higher risks associated with 100 per cent equities, just do it. If it makes you uncomfortable you haven’t constructed your portfolio to match your risk tolerance - which is a much more important question than the one you have asked.

My question was more around timing, not the funds themselves. I have existing ISA’s but in either cash or different funds. I will be transferring all that into IE, but that will just end up in the holding cash pot. There will be a big chunk of money then to invest, and its then about how I get that into ETF’s, what sizes over what time. One big lump into the ETF’s now or lots of smaller chunks over the coming months.

Just buy all at once straight away following your risk-adjusted portfolio allocations.

I was toying on the 3 portfolio model of an S&P 500, Growth and dividend combo. I like the look of the mix of VOO,VUG and VYM, but frustratingly they not available in IE and can’t find equivalents.


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