Rare commodities ETF

Anyone else looking at the demand and shortage of rare commodities, copper as well. Bit of a read a round suggests there is considerable potential for growth?

@Omian - interesting post…
There were a couple of new ETFs launched on the LSE in the last few months
(not available on IE yet, but we’re looking at them)

VanEck Rare Earth and Strategic Metals

Copper Miners

We do seem to be getting lots of questions re commodity ETFs…However, many funds rely on rolling futures contracts though (problematic from our perspective).


Thanks Tom
I previously noted that Vaneck also have an ETF that features hydrogen in its mix.

Yeah, they did a pretty flashy video for that Hydrogen ETF

(This one is live on IE)

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Trouble is linking commodities to futures and spot prices im no expert how these are priced still confusing to me …any suggestions be useful to have some model portfolios to follow you tube gets there with passive index guys posting Frank