Realty Income REIT

A cheeky request as not an ETF. I’ve read Simon Crookall quoted that InvestEngine will add individual stocks in the future.
Realty Income.
Monthly dividends and a track record of raising them.

I too would welcome the addition of Stock trading, especially under an ISA wrapper. I see you’ve chosen a REIT as an example. To go off topic slightly, I once read an older comment where it was said that under ISA guidelines, REIT’s can’t be offered as an ETF. Is this true? I understand REIT ETF’s do exist, at least in the US. My source may be questionable but check the YouTube channel Dividend Bull for more on these ETF’s. REIT’s may be high risk but they can be lucrative. The bulk of my modest off platform Stock holding is invested in US REIT examples.